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Medical, Fire, Police or Other Emergency: Dial 911

Police Phone # 281-540-1010
Fire Department Phone # 281-852-2233
Service & Repair Phone # 281-209-2100

Know the location of your home's water cut-off valve. It will be located either immediately outside or inside your home at the corner closest to your water meter. It is typically on the side of the house near an outside hose faucet. The cut-off valve will be below the water hose valve. Turn this valve clockwise to shut off all water to your house.

In the event of a water leak in your yard - between the meter box (located near the street and your home) turn off the curb stop valve located in the meter box - contact your own plumber - this leak is your responsibility.

In the event of a major leak not in your yard, call the Inframark 24 hour service line 281-358-2828.







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